Science Centre (Gwl.) M.P. is a voluntary organisation devoted to science popularisation and people's science Movement, started work in 1987, but was formally established in 1988. In a short span, the centre organised a science popularisation movement in the most backward areas of Madhya Pradesh, and provided it a meaningful direction. The Science Centre has a well-knit composition consisting of thousands of children, teacher activists, scientists and villagers.

          The Centre has established children's science councils for school children with a view to taking science to the people, including development of scientific thinking among children, promoting scientific activities, helping people to free themselves from the blind-faiths and traditions and arousing self confidence. The achievements of this organisation in the past have been significant. The various programmes undertaken reached lakhs of people directly through the medium of science rallies, science songs, science plays, science quizzes, seminars and surveys etc. The Science Centre has also organised a large number of training programmes for activists of other sister organisations in the country and helped hitherto small or infant organisations in neighbouring states to come up and grow.

          One of the main activities of Science Centre is National Children Science Congress & National Teacher's Science Congress. To help children and teacher in developing a scientific temperament and more frequent use of the Method of Science, a children science congress & teachers science congress have been started. The basic idea is to demonstrate on a large scale that it is possible to turn the learning of science into an enjoyable and creative pursuit ( of learning), that even within the frame work of the existing system of education itself, it is possible to encourage children to learn science by doing it, by making use of their own hands and head and by treating their environs as a big open and endless laboratory.

          Other activities of Science Centre include Environment Education Programme, Bal Vigyan Parishad, Science Communication and explaining Miracles, Science Writing Training Workshop for Newspapers/Radio, Science Popularization through Folk Arts and Origami, vigyan Yatra, Seminars and Symposium, Nature Camps, Drinking Water Survey, Clean-up School activity, Peoples Science Festival, Chambal Ghhati Bachao Andolan and Health Activities.

          Science Centre's activities are well appreciated by various State Govts. and NGOs nationally. It was recognised by NCSTC (DST) Govt. of India by awarding its top award of science popularization for the period extending from 1987-91 and its top award for Science Popularization among children to its founder secretary late Shri Arun Bhargava in year 2001.